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Eterbright solar corporation

Eterbright is a CIGS thin-film technology developer actively searching to participate in renewable energy transition. We are well positioned to deliver the high-end Building Integrated PV products. Eterbright provides a bridge between the industries of architectural design and renewable energy, merging and revolutionizing them so that the future can be both functional and beautiful.

The Building Integrated PV gains importance especially in context of the recent EU regulations, The Energy Performance Building Directive. It introduces the strict energy efficiency requirements on, so the new constructions would need to reach nearly zero energy buildings’ standards. The BIPV segment is expected to grow around 20% annualy.

In order to meet the market requirements,
Eterbright offers its expertise and products in the domain of PV façade,
and PV roof-tile:

ePower tile

The unique proposition aiming at replacing the traditional roofing with the active PV material. ePower tile becomes the integral element of the roof structure while the customer benefits from the energy yields. In case of ePower tile, the roof has a payback period, significantly increasing also the value of the house.

ePower façade

The highly expected solution on the market. PV façade enables to activate the previously unused areas to become the PV power plants generating profits. The disruptive technology comes with customized designs, and possibly, sizing of the modules.

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